Because we all love videos! Here is a time-lapse video of a door glass replacement taken here at Auto Glass of San Diego.

Now that you have had the opportunity to see a broken door glass replacement, let’s discuss how they get broken. Occasionally windows get broken by accident, like an errant fastball from the neighbor kid. Once in a while it’s just random vandalism, sometimes it’s not so random vandalism, like Tiger Woods experienced from his golf club wielding ex wife. Unfortunately though, the vast majority of door glass breakage is the result of thieves… yuck!

Here at Auto Glass of San Diego we see and hear about vehicle break-ins all too often. It starts with a distraught voice telling us they went to their car in the morning when they noticed broken glass on the ground. They are left with an empty hole where the door glass used to be and sharp particles of broken glass all over the interior of the vehicle. Then we hear about what was taken; Ipod, GPS, purse, backpack, and the occasional laptop.

At Auto Glass of San Diego, we empathize with our customers. We know how violating and frustrating these robberies can be, so we put in extra effort to ensure that the door glass replacement goes as smoothly and inexpensively as possible. We offer same day service to get your vehicle secured and back on the road as quickly as possible. Our technicians stay updated on all makes and models, so when we are done vacuuming and replacing the window, it’s like nothing ever happened. You’re vehicle will be good as new!

A few tips to keep your belongings safe and your vehicle secure:• Never leave valuables, purses, backpacks, or bags in plain sight. Ipods and GPS units are prime targets for thieves.
• If you have to leave valuables in the car while you run, hike, etc., put them in the trunk.
• Applying after-market tint can keep thieves from seeing inside the back of your vehicle.
• After-market alarms can be purchased and installed for around $200.00. These are a great deterrent and extremely effective to keep thieves away. Most factory alarms are not designed to prevent smash and grabs.
• At night, park in well lit, populated areas when possible.

Hopefully these tips will help and you will never need us for door glass replacement, but if you do, the friendly staff at Auto Glass of San Diego will be here to assist you.