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* Windshield replacement

* Door glass replacement

* Stone chip repair

* Window Tinting

* Electric window motor repair/replacement

* Mobile service available

* Preferred and trusted insurance vendor

* Lifetime installation warranty

Why Repair or Replace a Windshield?

It's easy to see how much your windshield does to protect you from the wind and rain. In addition to making your drive comfortable, your windshield will protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident.

It is imperative that the glass shop replacing your windshield has technicians that are properly trained and certified. To find certified San Diego windshield replacement shops you can go to the Auto Glass Safety Council’s website and enter your zipcode at the top. This website also has some great information for anyone needing windshield replacement in San Diego.

-Airbags may not deploy properly in a crash if the windshield is not installed correctly. Of course, airbags are vital in keeping you and your family safe during a collision.

-Some vehicle models rely on the windshield for 40-50% of the cabin support in the event of a rollover. Windshields are much stronger than you might think (as long as they are installed properly).

-Modern windshields are designed to keep the occupants inside the vehicle cabin during a crash, greatly reducing the chance of severe injury.

If your car windshield has a rock chip, be sure to get it repaired quickly to keep it from spreading, and compromising the safety of your vehicle.

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